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Why AloeVeritas?2018-06-12T16:26:03+00:00

Why Alo­eVer­i­tas?

I was here at the beginning- before pre-launch even started here in the United States. I’d like to use this opportunity to explain why I joined AloeVeritas. My name is Heidi Morgan and I put my heart and soul into my role as a lifestyle coach.

“I was at one of those other MLM Companies- actually I did quite well until I decided to leave when integrity issues were becoming apparent. I tried another MLM company but it just wasn’t doing it for me and I felt like I wanted out of MLM all together. But then out of the blue one day, AloeVeritas’ CEO Chris Hardy called me. I didn’t want to pick up the phone, but I inadvertently called him back and when we connected I sighed and decided I would give him a chance and just listen- am I sure glad I did!”

“What struck me that first conversation with Chris was his authenticity. He was authentic in his beliefs. He was authentic in his motives for starting AloeVeritas. He was authentic in how he wanted to help people, and he was incredibly passionate about his products! I asked my good friend Rachel Gussman to join me in a Zoom meeting with Chris to validate my feelings about him and AloeVeritas. We both signed up as Lifestyle Coaches the next day- we were among the first in the US. I’ll never forget my experience when we received our products- Chris said I’d be texting him “OMG!” when I first tried the AloeVeritas Day and Night Creams, and that is exactly what I did!”

“Since then, I have come to believe in the AloeVeritas Mission and am fully committed to building this business with Chris and with all the amazing folks at Corporate. Our core values align perfectly because we all truly wish to just help people- that is first and foremost in everything we do- and that is just perfect for me. Our products are truly superior as well. They are certified “natural” and I love the term “Wellness Beauty” and “Wellness SkinCare” because we all believe that what you put in your body and on your body should be good for your long-term health, no just make you look good. “

“Our products are so easy to sell! Our Compensation Plan is extremely generous, but the best part is that Chris listens. We have regular leadership calls and we all work together to make our opportunity even better. I am so glad I have joined the AloeVeritas Family- I know that you will be too!”

Heidi Marie Morgan