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Why aloe vera?2018-05-08T18:23:32+00:00


I’m sure some of you are wondering why we founded this company – after all, aloe vera products seem to be everywhere you turn. And (unfortunately) I tend to agree. This is why it is important for me to take this opportunity to explain to you my intentions, motives and personal connection with the miracle of nature that is aloe vera. I am Chris Hardy, the founder of AloeVeritas.

Most people I talk to tell me that their mom or grandmother has an aloe vera plant in the kitchen that is used when someone in the family has a cut or sunburn that needs immediate attention. When I was 12 years old I lived in Mexico for three years with my family and soon came into contact with wild aloe vera, discovering how folks in the Mexican countryside used the plant. When children or adults, or even livestock suffered a scratch, folks would simply break off a leaf of aloe vera and rub the inner gel from the plant onto the wound. It was a completely natural, direct and pure treatment. The wounds healed quickly without any inflammation.

Since then I have come to learn of the incredible health benefits derived from drinking pure, natural aloe vera gel taken directly from the inner leaf of the plant. I have witnessed remarkable examples of the power of the aloe plant, experiences that have virtually taken my breath away. Given my background, there’s only ever been one way for me to work with this precious plant: by keeping everything pure and natural.
This makes it all the more disappointing for me to see how the industry is mistreating this wonder of nature by having developed cheaply made spray dried powders and whole leaf concentrates. We must remember that people have been using aloe vera in the simplest and most traditional of ways for more than 6,000 years – by extracting it naturally from the plant and applying it directly to the skin or ingesting it, from where it directly affects the body. Anyone who has not come into proper contact with the natural inner gel, cannot truly understand the healing powers aloe vera holds for the human body.

It’s such a shame that so many people will never feel the incredible power of the aloe plant. The sad fact is that most aloe vera products don’t actually contain any natural aloe. It’s often added in the form of highly concentrated ground up leaves or powders – you couldn’t get much more unnatural than that! For big box manufacturers and retailers, however, it is sufficient to add the statement “With aloe vera”, and add a pretty picture of the plant and the product is ready to be sold. These very low-cost methods have turned the miraculous aloe vera plant into a mass-produced product that bears little resemblance to the effectiveness of natural aloe vera gel.

And this is where the root of the problem lies: As soon as someone sees that a product contains aloe vera, they automatically think, “Aloe is amazing, I’ll buy it!” and, understandably, believe that the product includes genuine aloe. However, the majority of such products contain the aforementioned powders or concentrates, and most buyers are completely unaware of the fact that what they are purchasing gives them virtually no therapeutic benefits whatsoever. It’s painful to think that companies are currently making so much money by using the name aloe vera with consumers seemingly being left completely in the dark. Our vision is to change all this.

With AloeVeritas, we want to show how much value we place on honesty. Our mission is to make aloe vera and all its healing powers accessible to everyone as nature intended. Our gentle processing methods and carefully chosen packaging enable us to offer aloe vera in its purest natural form. We treat our customers, natural surroundings, and lifestyle coaches fairly and do nothing to trouble our consciences.

We would like to show you the benefits this natural miracle worker may hold for everyone who uses aloe in its purest form. AloeVeritas – natural, honest, fair.

Chris Hardy

Chris Hardy is our founder and an expert in global operations and aloe vera. He spent 8 years on the Board of Directors for the International Aloe Vera Science Council, was elected by his peers to be the President of the IASC in 2009, serving as the Chairman of the Board in 2011-2012. He stands at the forefront of a global movement trending now: the adoption of ‘true’ Aloe vera as a mainstream nutritional food source. He has spent the last ten years evangelizing the health benefits of ‘true’ Aloe vera and has positioned Aloe Veritas to be the global leader in providing innovative ‘true” Aloe vera Health, Wellness, Beauty, and Anti-Aging products.

He specializes in business transformation across verticals in the USA, Europe and Latin America, and has been helping to establish new companies and introduce new products in the health and wellness industry for more than 20 years. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio State University and speaks fluent Spanish.