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Our Aloe

Before and during the product development stage, we had one objective in mind: To make our products as effective, health beneficial, and natural as is possible. With AloeVeritas, this vision has become a reality. The most precious and effective active ingredient used in each of our products is pure and unadulterated gel from the aloe vera plant. It is no coincidence that aloe vera was regarded as a sacred plant as early as 2200 BC. Anyone traveling back in time through the history of this natural miracle cure will soon come across a wide variety of names given to aloe down the centuries:

Plant of immortality, source of youth, and harmonious remedy are just a few examples. It quickly becomes clear how highly prized, revered and valuable this plant has become to humanity since being discovered.


Our aloe vera comes from Santiago and Bani in the Dominican Republic. To ensure it is grown organically and processed using the AloeVeritas method, we only source our gel from our own plantations.


We have two processing facilities located immediately adjacent to our plantations. We fillet our aloe leaves by hand. Filleting is the process by which the pure gel in the inner leaf is separated from the hard outer skin of the leaf. Our technique means that aloe leaves are never pulverized and mixed with the gel. We remove internal toxins naturally by applying osmotic pressure.

Our aloe vera gel is picked by hand, processed and packaged within the space of one day. Our proprietary AloeVeritas process ensures that our gel reaches you exactly as Mother Nature intended: direct, natural, pure and with the maximum level of bioactivity and therapeutic benefits.

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