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AloeVeritas: Pre-Launch phase is underway!2018-05-08T14:55:53+00:00

Alo­eVer­i­tas: Pre-Launch phase is un­der­way!

Earn money and build a career with an innovative aloe vera concept and blockbuster products

Anyone daring enough to establish a new company and launch new products in the highly competitive network marketing field must be more than convinced by their business concept. This rings true for Thomas Reichart. Together with American co-founder Chris Hardy and entrepreneur Thomas Krings, he has founded AV Europe GmbH, which with its brand AloeVeritas is aiming to capture the European aloe vera market with its organic products. The pre-launch phase began in mid-October. For sales partners – who are known as lifestyle coaches at AloeVeritas – this marks the ideal opportunity to become involved from the outset with a new company boasting innovatively designed products.

“The industry has been waiting for this European response,” say Thomas Reichart and Thomas Krings during an interview with Netcoo, describing their four launch products as true blockbusters. Although there are already a lot of aloe vera products in the direct sales market, AloeVeritas stands out from the crowd. In its beauty line, AloeVeritas sells the AloeVeritas Day Cream and Nerium Night Cream. The active ingredient Nerium Oleander Extract is already a runaway success in North America. For example, since starting up, a US company has generated an incredible turnover of 600 million US dollars by using the effective active ingredient in cosmetics, the properties of which include reducing wrinkles.

AloeVeritas may only have just got off the ground, but it has already managed to secure a far-reaching strategic alliance in the run-up to its launch by concluding an exclusive supply contract for the original Nerium product with US research team Nerium Biotech.

The health line features the Pure & Natural and Berry Inspiration aloe vera gels. AloeVeritas products boast a fresh, contemporary design and innovative, environmentally friendly packaging.

The most precious and effective active ingredient used in each product is pure and unadulterated gel from the aloe vera plant. The high-quality gel is obtained directly from the company’s own plantations in the Dominican Republic. “This is essential because it is only through having our own plantations that we can guarantee our aloe vera is grown organically and processed using the AloeVeritas method,” explains company founder Reichart. Two processing and bottling plants are located immediately alongside the plantation to extract the natural and pure aloe gel. It is important to note that AloeVeritas fillets the aloe leaves by hand so that pure gel is separated from the outer parts of the leaf. Contrary to what often happens, no aloe leaves are pulverized and mixed with the gel during processing. Internal toxins are removed naturally by applying osmotic pressure. This means that all AloeVeritas products are pure, organic and highly effective. What’s more, they are packaged using environmentally friendly Ecolean packaging, which is exclusively used by AloeVeritas in the aloe vera industry. These key features make the quality of the products stand out and are in keeping with the spirit of the times.

AloeVeritas flies the flag for organic and environmentally friendly products. The company founders have put the effectiveness of their products under the microscope by conducting extensive testing prior to the launch date. It is no coincidence that AloeVeritas sales partners are called lifestyle coaches, since they can help customers to discover a new outlook on life, and help partners to experience financial freedom. Thomas Reichart is convinced that “passionate lifestyle coaches will notice a marked difference between their lives before and after joining AloeVeritas.”

The entrepreneurs boast many years of experience in direct sales, have in-depth knowledge of aloe vera products and have long recognized the power of this plant. Thomas Reichart is no stranger to the industry. For many years, he held a top position at Forever Living Products (FLP) as the managing director for Germany and Austria. He also runs his own consulting company, through which he has already helped numerous network marketing companies and executive staff to achieve greater success. Thomas Krings is a business graduate and an entrepreneur who enjoys an international career in the clothing industry. As a former senior manager at FLP and a consultant, he is another expert joining AloeVeritas from the start. Chris Hardy held a global position at Aloe Vera of America for many years.

Germany and Austria are the initial markets to be covered by AloeVeritas and other countries will follow. There are also plans to extend the range of products. To give its lifestyle coaches security, the company is planning gradual, step-by-step growth. In order to join AloeVeritas, lifestyle coaches need to invest EUR 29.90 to cover the costs of the digital back office, marketing materials and training. Lifestyle coaches benefit from favorable purchasing conditions. The main advantages include the fact that the logistics processes are performed by the German distribution warehouse. What’s more, remuneration from AloeVeritas is based on a differentiated bonus system and the marketing plan includes seven levels of commission.

In addition to focusing on its products, AloeVeritas concentrates on training its lifestyle coaches. Since this is a matter of great importance to the entrepreneurs, the AV Academy and seminars not only impart knowledge about the company and its products, but also place emphasis on personal development. Examples include public speaking courses, money seminars and coaching on emotional selling.

At the end of October, the company embarked on its roadshow through a number of German cities as well as to Salzburg and Vienna. The business presentations are taking place until mid-December. These are being held live (at 10am and 7pm; see the website for dates and locations) and provide facts about the company and its products. The management team is in attendance to answer participants’ questions. The company will move into its new business premises near Augsburg at the end of the year and a kick-off event for 2017 will be held on January 13 and 14. What’s more, an app with before and after photos demonstrating the power of the products will be launched soon. These photos could, for example, be used to help win sales at a product party. AloeVeritas places specific emphasis on selling through product parties, as the highly active ingredients contained in the aloe vera products need to be presented in detail to prospective customers. Plus, most people find it a lot of fun to come into personal contact with their customers and potential new partners. Direct sales will always remain driven by recommendations and, even in the age of the internet, most of these recommendations are passed on in person by word of mouth. By the way, the name AloeVeritas was not chosen by chance, as Veritas is the Roman goddess of truth. Anyone looking to discover the truth behind the power of the aloe vera and Nerium oleander plants and find out how to earn money at the same time should take a look at the AloeVeritas website. www.aloeveritas.com (BS)