AloeVeritas – A new shining star in the network marketing universe

AloeVeritas has begun its pre-launch phase.

Establishing a new company takes careful planning. Thomas Reichart and Chris Hardy are all too aware of this. Thomas Krings, who immediately felt inspired by the concept and idea, is also on board. With their new company, AV Europe GmbH, the three have entered the world of multilevel marketing under the name AloeVeritas. “If we weren’t more than convinced by our concept, we wouldn’t have dared attempting to break into the fiercely competitive network marketing industry,” comments Reichart. AloeVeritas intends to impress customers with its purely organic ingredients, company-owned plantations in the Dominican Republic and a blockbuster from the USA. But the company wishes to achieve much more than sell products. AloeVeritas is aiming to give people a brand new outlook on life, which is why it calls its independent sales partners lifestyle coaches.

AloeVeritas stands out thanks to its unusual leadership culture. With Chris Hardy and Thomas Reichart, the company has managers of two different nationalities. This means that it benefits from German thoroughness and structure on the one hand, and American power and drive on the other. With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and a German office in Bobingen near Augsburg, the company unites cultures. Dallas is a large, bustling, exciting city. Bobingen, meanwhile, has a peaceful, rustic atmosphere and the German headquarters will be established here in Reichart’s converted childhood home. It is a case of sound, down-to-earth qualities meeting an exciting big city vibe.

AloeVeritas was not developed overnight. Instead, preparations took place over two years and involved experts being consulted. The founders have considerable experience in the fields of aloe vera and direct sales. Reichart has been operating a successful consulting company for several years and was the long-standing managing director of Forever Living Products (FLP) in the German and Austrian market. Chris Hardy worked internationally as the head of global operations at Aloe Vera of America for many years. Thomas Krings also looks back on a global career as an entrepreneur.

The official pre-launch phase was kick-started in mid-October. AloeVeritas is launching two product lines in the areas of health and beauty. And it is here that the company can play its first trump card, as, in collaboration with American partners, AloeVeritas has succeeded in bringing the best-selling ingredient Nerium Oleander Extract to Germany. By means of exclusive contracts.  The beauty line currently comprises two original Nerium Oleander Extract products, consisting of a day cream and a night cream. This was one of the reasons why Thomas Krings decided to become involved: “I’ve worked intensively with Nerium Oleander Extract products. The effect is incredible and the fact that we can now call the original products our own gives us a truly unique selling point. The likes of it have never been seen before.”

The products in the health line also feature an impressive array of innovative and unique characteristics. Pure and organic aloe vera gel is filleted by hand and processed directly at the site of the plantations. “By directly processing the gel without treating it, we guarantee that it remains completely natural and organic. This has utmost priority for us,” states Chris Hardy. AloeVeritas has another ace up its sleeve, as its gels are packaged in highly innovative, environmentally friendly and responsible packaging from Swedish company Ecolean. AloeVeritas has signed an exclusive contract here as well, which makes it the only distributor in the aloe vera industry to use this packaging.

In addition to selling exceptional products, the company is aiming to transform people’s lifestyles. “Our lifestyle coaches and customers will experience true changes and will notice a marked difference between their lives before and after discovering AloeVeritas,” says Reichart. This is why the AV Academy has been founded in addition to the product lines. The academy gives both sales partners and customers the chance to undergo personal development in their private and/or professional lives. It offers seminars on a wide range of topics conducted by experts in their respective fields. From product seminars, public speaking courses and start-up training to high performance leadership days, money seminars and courses on digital effectiveness, there is something for everyone.

The AV Academy also has a special feature in store. In 2016, Reichart published his lifestyle concept, which has been proven over many years, in the form of an international book titled “Lead Your Life NOW – Strategies for Professional and Personal Success.” The academy also runs two seminars on the contents of this book.

It is clear that the company has planned its business concept right down to the last detail. In addition to the products, the academy and the philosophy, events are already taking place. Webinars have been running for a few weeks and see Thomas Krings give the business presentation once a week. “We noticed a steady growth in the number of participants from the outset. The overwhelmingly positive response we’ve received has given us an even greater belief in our approach,” says Krings.

The company embarked on a tour of Germany in October. The German management team is in attendance at each stop on the tour to answer questions after each business presentation. The 90-minute business presentations are held twice a day in each location and give interested parties the exclusive opportunity to meet the executive team in person.

On the topic of events, AloeVeritas had a major one earlier this year – a large-scale kick-off event took place January 13 and 14, 2017. Held in the Kongress am Park conference center in Augsburg, the event was a huge success - was a perfect way to ring in the New Year. AloeVeritas is excited about moving forward into the future alongside its lifestyle coaches, customers, partners, and other interested parties.

Although the company is now selling in Germany and Austria, it has already made plans for expansion into the US and further countries will follow in 2017.

AloeVeritas has made a conscious decision to enter the market in gradual steps, concentrating on one area at a time. “We want to lay strong foundations first. Once we’ve achieved that, we’ll happily take greater strides forward,” states Thomas Reichart.

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