Why AloeVeritas?

I’ve been a lifestyle coach right from the start and I’d like to use this opportunity to explain why I chose to continue my journey through life with AloeVeritas. My name is Thomas Krings and I put my heart and soul into my role as a lifestyle coach.

I’m sure lots of you have the same initial questions: Why should I embark on a career as a lifestyle coach? What makes this company so special in comparison with others? There are several answers I’d like to share with you. Firstly, our products are outstanding. They not only boast an appealing, original and elegant design, but are completely natural and organic – qualities that, in my opinion, speak for themselves.

Besides the fantastic products, AloeVeritas is a hugely innovative company. The unique packaging used for the drink gels and the special ingredients are simply of outstanding quality. Our organic approach can be found in all areas of our corporate philosophy. From our packaging and aloe plantations to our merchandising products, we live and breathe organic. However, above all, it’s the company’s fantastic values that have impressed me the most. It’s often said that the values and history of a company projected to the outside world are completely different to what’s happening on the inside. But that’s far from true at AloeVeritas. Even those at the upper echelons of the company preserve the values of truth, honesty and fairness – and these are also upheld by every single member of the team. Everyone puts their heart and soul into their work, showing a burning passion for the company – and these feelings are simply infectious.

The last important factor for me is recognition. Recognition of your own achievements, respect and the feeling that you deserve your success. This is why I feel inspired by AloeVeritas. Lifestyle coaches can achieve so much, are appreciated and respected – all the while being given the freedom to set their own goals and never being put under pressure by the company. For me, it’s these qualities that make up a great business partner.

I’m convinced that you, too, will enjoy wonderful experiences as a lifestyle coach and I look forward to hopefully welcoming you to my team soon.

Thomas Krings
Strategy and International Development Lead