Lead Your Life Now

I’ve been coaching and training managers around the world in the areas of communication, self-efficacy and leadership for more than 20 years. The clients and participants who I have met and worked with in Germany, Europe, South America and the United States have shaped who I am in many respects. Above all, I’ve been able to gain enormous insights into the effectiveness of various personalities. I want to use the AV Academy to share with you everything I’ve learned during this period. In other words, I want to give you the tools you need to broaden your skills and develop. I’m convinced that everyone should be given the chance to undergo further training and development so that they can make a greater contribution to their chosen field and society as a whole. My name is Thomas Reichart and, together with my business partner, I am one of the two founders of AloeVeritas. What are my intentions?

When I was 17, I lived in Seattle in the USA as part of an exchange program. It was here that I was able to fulfill my childhood dream of gaining my pilot’s license. Back then, I was fascinated by gliding and flying with single-engine airplanes. To this very day, I’ve been preoccupied by how practical and clearly structured pilot training is in comparison with the unstructured and unclear way in which managerial and senior staff are trained.

Once I was back in Germany, years later I was flying a vintage airplane, a Bücker 181 to be precise, from Augsburg to Dortmund. Unfortunately, I flew completely the wrong way above the town of Giessen – as a young Bavarian, the number of highways and buildings was very overwhelming. Of course I felt somewhat more vulnerable than usual sitting in a plane built in 1938 with just a compass, map and small VOR radio navigation system to help me navigate.

It was essential for me to know where I was, where I wanted to go and what the next steps were. Sweat streaming down my face and my nerves in tatters, I finally managed to work out where I was after taking cross-bearings from two VOR transmitters, the effort probably shortening my life expectancy! Identifying my location was the most difficult part. Thanks to my good pilot training, I was then able to plan and take the next steps towards my destination – in this case, Dortmund.

I use these skills on a daily basis in my role as a founder and executive manager of AloeVeritas. We have to be clear about where we are today, where we want to go and what we need to do to get there. This is probably one of the most crucial managerial duties that organizations face and we must learn to perform.

I’ve summarized the experiences gained in this area as well as the principles and guidelines that can truly help us in all these matters in our recently published book Lead Your Life Now.

When flying, I always found it particularly important that information was conveyed to me in the correct way. In companies and our own sales business, this is “mission critical.” I am convinced that a thorough and well-founded understanding of principles enables us to make real progress. We explain these principles in practical, bite-sized chunks in Lead Your Life Now, making this path to the future accessible to you. By applying these established principles correctly, you will benefit enormously as you make your way along your own personal road towards achieving your objectives.

Nobody can take away the empirical knowledge we have stored in our brains. It is an inestimable treasure. The AV Academy will make this treasure and investment even more valuable for you. You will definitely capitalize on this investment! Our promise that you will achieve a better life and lifestyle and our experience in this field draw on a fundamental understanding of true principles that really work.

Embark on this exciting journey with us. Learn about new principles, new concepts and new ways of making your future life and career a success.

We look forward to working with you in person. I want to inspire you to lead your life NOW and not LATER. We can’t wait to meet you!

Thomas Reichart

Thomas Reichart is an expert in the fields of leadership and managerial effectiveness. He has more than 20 years’ experience in coaching, leading seminars and advising senior executives, managers and European and international organizations. He is the author of the Lead Your Life Now learning method and heads the AloeVeritas Group in Dallas & Bobingen.