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Since I can think I have had bad acne. After approx. four weeks with AloeVeritas I was standing in front of my bathroom mirror and I suddenly realized, that my skin looked good – and it still does. The creams improved my quality of life drastically.

Yvonne H. aus S.

I’m excited about the AloeVeritas Day Cream. I had acne in my menopause and already after three weeks the pimples in my face had disappeared entirely. I am very grateful for that and I will absolutely continue using your great products. Many, many thanks.

Kym R., London

So far, I have always had problems with unclear skin. Already after having used the AloeVeritas Day and Night Cream for a month not only the skin impurities have disappeared, but my pigmentation marks have also have clearly decreased. My skin feels soft and tight.

Dr. S. Ehrle, München

After chemotherapy my skin was very dry and reacted to many ingredients very sensitively. Then I tried „AloeVeritas“ Day and Night Cream and after a short time the skin texture improved noticeably.

Edith E., Uhldingen-Mühlhofen